Principal's Message

Principal's Message

My name is Suzanne Lewis and I am excited and thankful to be serving as the Principal & Coordinator of Early Childhood Learning. Kingsport City Schools has long valued quality early childhood education, and I am proud to help support that tradition. It's an honor to do this work each day.


I've been a proud employee of Kingsport City Schools since August 2010.  Within the Kingsport City Schools system I have been a kindergarten and first grade teacher, mathematics teacher leader, as well as served 3 years as the Associate Principal at Jefferson Elementary, and one year as the Associate Principal at Kennedy Elementary. During that time I also fulfilled other leadership roles, both for the district, as well as at the state level. I am a person who values communication, and relationships, so please let me know if you need anything.



These are the years that in many ways will shape the person your child(ren) will become, and we are so proud that you have chosen the KCS Early Childhood program to be the place where your child’s talents can be strengthened. We believe in educating the “whole child”. What that means is that we are not only here for academics. Our goal is to support your child(ren) to be healthy physically, emotionally, socially, and have strong academic experiences. We welcome your feedback, and value you as a partner!


With gratitude,